Advisor/Fiscal Officer Change Form

Please use this form to change your advisor and/or fiscal officer for your organization.  This form should only be used if your initial full organization registration has been submitted and approved.  If you aren't sure if your group has done a full registration, contact Sarah Laux at

Note that if your fiscal officer is changing, the Kimmel Student Involvement Center will initiate paperwork to make the new individual the fiscal officer of all campus accounts.  However, if your organization has bank accounts at any local bank, you must handle that transition yourself.

If you are only changing your advisor or fiscal officer and not the other position, please type n/a in the field
Full Name of Organization (no acronyms)
Name of New Advisor
Email Address of New Advisor
Campus Box Number of New Advisor
Name of Advisor being replaced
Name of New Fiscal Officer
Email address of New Fiscal Officer
Campus Box of New Fiscal Officer
Name of fiscal officer being replaced
Is there any other information you need to provide about this transition/change?